I help you increase your return from Facebook ads so much that you can't help but smile! 

Tevah "The Idea Man"

Former Content Strategist on The Global Advertising Team at Meta

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Feel like your return on ad spend is under attack?

  • iOS 14 and government laws are blocking your targeting 
  • Facebook banning your account
  • ​Or changing the algorithm once again

    After 5 years working directly with the engineers who build FB ads, developing training on FB's most cutting edge ad products for the world's most advanced agencies and creating global programs such as Meta Elevate to teach millions of small business about ads, I know how to increase your return on ad spend.

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    • Tevah is the author of the upcoming book "A Ton of Dope! - The Single Greatest Lever to improve Return on Ad Spend."
    • ​Not only is Tevah a Meta Certified Media Planner and Creative Strategist, he helped quality check the certification questions.
    • ​Tevah developed advanced marketing curriculum at Meta for agencies representing some of the globe's largest brands.
    • ​Tevah advised US Congress, on using economic policy and marketing infrastructure to support small businesses owners.


    Tevah has spoken at Facebook, Yelp, Pixar, Stanford University, The Federal Reserve, & Disney

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